Sometimes the simplest pieces of clothing you sew are the ones you end up wearing the most. And this was a very simple project.

It's the free 'Plaintain' pattern from Deer and Doe, which you can download free here. It's incredibly quick to make, especially if you use an overlocker.

The fabric is a heavy jersey with a black and grey animal print on one side, and thin stripes on the reverse. It's a really nice quality and weight, almost like a ponte roma fabric or a heavier weight knit fabric.

Once again I used the stretch jersey binding which you can get in my materials list kit. I love this stuff! It makes finishing the neckline so simple. You can cut it exactly to the shape you want, and then bind it without all that fussy business measuring and cutting long strips of jersey.

I could have used the binding to finish the sleeve cuffs, but I liked the reverse side of the jersey so much I just turned it up to sew the cuffs.

The best bit about this pattern is the elbow patches, of course. I went for quite a subtle contrast. The grey patches are actually cut out from the material I used for my double zipped pencil skirt.

You could easily make a dress out of two metres of this fabric, if you added a seam down the back.

I'm really pleased with this, it's the perfect winter top!