Here's my latest make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

The fabric is a gorgeously smooth and silky cotton lawn which is a Liberty print fabric. I fell in love with the purple and teal print as soon as I saw it, but what to make? I settled on the Grainline Scout Woven Tee as I thought the simple shape would work well with the floral print. However the more observant amoungst you will notice that this is clearly not a Scout Tee.

I started with a muslin for the Scout so as not to waste the lovely fabric and it was pretty much a disaster. The directions are clear and the pattern goes together perfectly, but I had totally overlooked the fact that this loose fitting style does not work at all on my body shape. I need a waist! No idea why I thought it might. But even a belt wasn't going to work.

So back to the drawing board.

I made a Sewaholic Alma a while back and always meant to make another and this seemed like great fabric for it. The pattern is great – the instructions are really clear and the pattern is well-drafted. I knew it fitted fairly well although this was in my pre-FBA days so I re-traced the pattern and adjusted it. I added 2.5" to the body length plus another 1" above the bust darts to get them in the right place. I cut with slightly larger seam allowances since I wanted a looser fit then my previous version and this worked well – the fit is pretty spot on.

After sewing up the body and attaching the facings, it looked a bit frumpy. The neckline is quite high, which I had never noticed on my collared version. But in this floral fabric it wasn't working for me. After a fair bit of pondering I decided on a square neckline. I cut off the facings and marked the right level for the front neckline. I drew a line perpendicular to the centre front at this level and drew lines down from the neckline to cross it, added seam allowances and cut it out. To make the new facing for the front, I traced the neckline onto interfacing and used that to cut out the facing. I sewed it on as per the instructions, but before understitching the facing down, I clipped right into the corners to make sure it would lie flat. An extra line of very small stitches around the corners reinforces them.

I used the short sleeves and love the way these are finished with bias binding – it looks great.

I recommend this fabric – Laura made some beautiful kids PJs from it recently, which shows how versatile it is. It's a lovely fabric and a great price.

 If you decide on the Alma you'll need to order a 12" invisible zip separately since that wasn't in my original plan.