Please excuse my excitement. I've been working with a cotton Liberty print provided by Minerva Crafts this month. 

Each week I watch the latest products Minerva regularly puts up on their facebook page, on Twitter and on their website in the 'new' products section. When Vicki posted up their latest Liberty print acquisitions, I was thrilled, so the next 3 Minerva posts will use Liberty prints.

So to start with I've made a simple shirt using Burda 2561 also provided by Minerva Crafts with Liberty 'Ros' floral

I couldn't go past this blue green 'Ros' floral because it has the colours I enjoy wearing. These photos were taken on a warm Winter's day, hence no jacket.

The sun was simply blazing away.

Back to the shirt and the fabric

This all over print has no 'direction' so it's a really versatile print to use.

The fabric irons nicely, feels soft but is firm to sew with. It feels softer after a wash but still firm. This also makes any corner look very sharp.

Choosing buttons online is much faster and easier since the website was been upgraded. 

I found it really easy to sew on the buttonholes and because the fabric is firm so they look much more accurate.

I added shaping to the centre back with a seam to fit my sway back. 

Collars are my 'stress point' so I hand basted the collar on before machine stitching it down.

The pattern pieces are dead accurate. Thank you Burda for your drafting skills and Liberty for creating fabric that is plyable enough to accommodate the neckline curves in the collar.

At the point of hand sewing on the outer collar, I used fusing tape to make sure this piece sat accurately before I machined sewed it on. I avoid hand sewing where possible.

I did hand basted the sleeve seam so I could machine fell it accurately. There were no puckers after machine sewing these seams so I'm really pleased these look professional.

Thank you Minerva Crafts for bringing Liberty fabrics to your store. This is so lovely to work with and wear.

Cheers everyone. I'm sewing up my next 2 Liberty pieces and loving it.