Hi there lovely people! I hope that you all have had a great summer so far. Here in Trondheim, the sun has finally shown its face and the degrees have been climbing. Before that, we had about 3-4 weeks of rain and wind and as low as 3 degrees. Brrr. I tried my best to keep my spirits up and making summer blouses definitely helped. 

For this months sewing project, I decided to make two different blouse patterns that I had in my stash but never got around to making. One is the Rita blouse from Charmed Patterns and the other is the Datura blouse from Deer & Doe.

Let's start with Rita. Rita is a princess seamed, six panels lower bodice and the upper bodice was gathered together with elastic. The blouse closes by using an invisible zipper inserted in the side seam upside down. The suitable fabrics were light to medium woven fabric

To pair with this feminine pattern I chose a lightweight red Crepe Fabric (Yes, I do love crepe fabric) with daisies on it. To be honest, the fabric was too lightweight for my taste. I had some issues sewing with it, but that might be because of my lack of knowledge for sheer lightweight fabrics. I also didn’t have a thin enough needle, the thinnest one I had was a 70/10. Other than that, I should have lengthened the bodice a bit, as I have a long torso, so the blouse is a bit short for my taste. But this makes it perfect for everyone high-waisted. 

As I am a pear-shaped woman, I usually don’t go for the loosely fitted blouses as it just makes me look bigger than I am because I can’t see my waist. That is why the Datura pattern is so interesting. The blouse can be made up as a fitted loose blouse, and if you have a bigger behind like me, just unbutton the buttons in the back to make room for it. Genius! 

As my predictions for how cool this blouse is, I needed a suited amazing fabric. Enters Atelier Brunette Stardust Fabric. The stardust fabric is a double cotton gauze with embroidered gold specks on it. It’s soft, it’s beautiful, it’s perfect. I loved all of their colours but ended up with the colour Forest green. To make the fabric and pattern stand out more, I made the front and back yokes out of a plain black cupro I had in my stash. I think it pairs up beautifully. 

I hope you’ve liked my make this month and try out the fabrics as patterns as well. I do think they both are beautiful. Their selling point is that they both are quick to make and with a small amount of fabric. As you can see, I only needed a meter of each and even then I got some scraps left! Have a great summer!