Hello, hello! I’ve got something extra special in store for you today for my latest Blogger Network make!

Much like Orange was the new Black, lilac is definitely the new pink! And when I came across this gorgeous lilac Tencel Linen Blend Fabric, I knew I had to get it!

I got 4 metres of the stuff with the intention of making something fabulous but I didn’t just want to make another pretty dress out of it. Oh, no! I decided to go all out and make a two-piece suit! Well, suit might be a strong word for it. It’s more just a matching jacket and trouser combo…

For the jacket, I went with the Style Arc McKenzie Blazer!

I’d never used a Style Arc pattern before though I’d been aware of them. I really loved the style of this blazer – it’s a double breasted jacket with a really boxy shape and just straight out of the 80s! I figured now’s the time to try it out!

Because the jacket is quite oversized, I actually chose to make a size down. The Style Arc website is really helpful as it comes with a comprehensive list of the finished measurements which meant I could chose a size with the amount of ease I wanted. I also shortened the pattern a fair bit by taking an inch out at the waist and another ½ inch at the hem.

The instructions that come with the pattern are rather light and I’d really recommend them for intermediate to experienced sewers only. I ended up just having a brief read through and decided to rely on my own experience to sew it up rather than try to work out what to do from them.

That did mean I skipped doing the welt pockets since I got too lazy to look up how to do them! I ended up using the patch pockets and added a pocket flap to disguise them and I don’t regret it!

This is a nice light weight fabric for a summer jacket with a lot of drape which helped to prevent it from looking too retro! I used a cotton lawn lining underneath and added iron on interfacing to the collar and facings as instructed. I added an extra padding layer under the shoulders much like a shoulder pad. I used some thick low stretch jersey cut to fit which I then hand basted into place as I didn’t want to add too much bulk. It was just enough to add that little bit of structure!

For the trousers I used a Wear Lemonade pattern, Julietta. They’re a simple high waisted, peg legged, pleat front trouser with slant pockets and a fly zip.

Sizing was a little odd with these. I made the size as per the guide included but they ended up HUGE. I ended up taking two inches out of each side seam! I also chose to curve the waistband more by taking a wedge out of the centre back seam in order to counteract my sway back! Apart from that, they were surprisingly straightforward to sew up and I love how the look came together!

I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear this out as a suit or if I’m just going to use them as separates. It’s just so much purple!!!