This month on the Minerva Blogger Network I have revisited a tried and tested pattern: the Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt. I have made this pattern once before in a Fleece Backed Sweatshirt Fabric whereas this time I have used a Loop Backed Sweatshirt Fabric and it has a completely different feel. A feel which is much more pliable. The fabric comes in six stripey colourways.

The mustard and Navy fabric is very fluid and moves with your body whist still looking substantial enough for a sweat top. The fleece fabric had less stretch and means the sweatshirt kind of wears you rather than the other way around.

My first version had one main problem which was that the cuffs were not stretchy enough to pull up my sleeves to a three quarter length which I do often when cooking or getting on with something.

This time I used some Cuff Ribbing which was really great. I folded it over and it made the best cuffs ever in both functionality and appearance. I could have used the rest of the length of ribbing on the bottom too but I liked the feel of the deep waistband piece last time so I kept this the same.


 I cut the neckband on the opposite grain which still achieved stretch but made for a nice stripy vertical finish.

I did try and pattern match the stripes on the raglan seams but the angle on the raglan was too slanted to match up, however I did match the strips on the side seams and along the sleeve length seam which was satisfying. You have to think about this when you are placing your pattern pieces before cutting out not when you are about to sew.

I didn't alter the pattern at all and kept everything as it was. I usually shorten garments at the waistline but this was perfect straight from the packet.

Perfect with jeans and I will also be wearing it with my denim skirt and mustard tights. I really recommend this fabric for the Linden Sweatshirt pattern, it looks very expensive and feels great.

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