I love wearing cotton and linen (and blends of both) not just in the summer but throughout the year. Ok, maybe I won’t put on a pair of flowy linen trousers in January, but a linen top would do just fine.

Enter my new Cielo top made in Robert Kaufman Essex Linen:

I love this colour combo, I must’ve fallen in love with it years ago when I was watching ‘New Girl’, I still remember this dress/cardi outfit after all that time. I think it was about 2011-2012 when I was watching this, I remember my eldest son was a baby.

I have used this exact linen fabric last year to make shorts for my boys. They’ve been through the wash many many times and the colour is staying strong, I have no worries of my top fabric fading in colour.

Be aware that this linen is narrow, only 43 inches wide. I often forget to check the fabric width, I think I;m just very used to most dressmaking fabrics that come in 50”+. That being said, I managed to squeeze this out of less fabric than the pattern suggested. I had 1.5m of the green linen and 0.5m of the blue one, and the pattern says you need 2.75m of fabric in this width. I find that most patterns overestimate yardage, but I love a good puzzle game of ‘cut this pattern in much less fabric than suggested’ :)

Linen and cotton are so easy to work with, they’re stable and a bit of steam makes any wobbly sewing look perfect. Look at this topstitched neckline, it didn;t look so smooth before pressing!

I love the sleeves on this pattern - they are gathered at the top and bell shaped at the bottom. The very wide cuff is curved so the hem of the sleeve is quite narrower than the upper part.

I chose the pattern size based on the size chart and measuring the shoulder width. The top is supposed to have a bit of a drop shoulder, but there’s nothing droopy about this fabric! All the gathers in the linen make it stand very proud and I feel a bit like I am drowning in this top.

I don’t dislike this top but I have to be honest - I am not completely happy with it. It’s only my fault, as I would usually make a muslin, especially for a new pattern designer. And I should have also noticed how low the armscye was. There are pattern pieces for C/D cup sizes to download on the designer’s website, so if I decide to give thsi pattern another try I will probably go at least one size smaller, but maybe 2 in a bigger cup size version. I think that will probably sort out the very low armhole too.

When I posted about it on Instagram, someone suggested I should tuck it in. I think it actually looks quite nice tucked in high waist trousers.

I have been wearing this top, I really love the colour and the coolness of it. We don’t have to love everything we make, do we?