This was one of those projects that didn’t know what it wanted to be. Do you ever have those? I ordered this fabric, planning to make a Sew Liberated Estuary Skirt. Then when it arrived I realised it was remarkably similar in colour to a button-up skirt I already have in my wardrobe. I don’t know why this didn’t click when I ordered it but it didn’t – doh!

The linen is quite weighty and feels good quality, it’s also the most beautiful aqua colour with lots of texture and slub, I completely fell in love. Not wanting to waste this amazing linen on a skirt that I might not wear (as I already have a similar one) I set about finding a new pattern for it – but nothing seemed good enough! Sometimes I do have a tendency to do this with fabrics I deem ‘special’ – I don’t want to cut into it to potentially waste it if I make the wrong thing, or even worse, make a mistake!

It is a decent weight for a linen, and my initial thought was to make a jacket, I even printed off the Helen’s Closet Pona Jacket but it just didn’t seem right as I wanted to make something I could wear all year round! So my search continued, I started to think that maybe trying to find a ‘special’ pattern for the special fabric was perhaps the problem, I shouldn’t be dismissing simpler patterns. Then I saw a beautiful version of the Sew Liberated Hinterland dress in this exact colour and I knew my problem was solved.

I have already made a longer length sleeveless button up version out of Atelier Brunette viscose for a previous Blogger Network make, and I also have made a short no-button version with sleeves out of cotton, but I haven’t made a button up version with sleeves so I decided to give that view a go. Don’t you love a pattern with multiple views you can mix and match?! I love getting lots of value out of a single pattern!

For this version, I made the size 12 (my measurements are 37 bust, 31.5 waist and 46 hip), the only adjustment I made was to the length – I am 5’7” and for this mid-length version I took two inches off the longer length pattern. I really like this length and when I make this pattern again I think I will stick to this, as I feel the longer length is a little too long and the short length is a little too short. I am like Goldilocks – this third version is juuuuust riiiiight!

The linen was a dream to sew, it is so stable that I was able to get a beautiful finish on all of the details. The ¾ length sleeves have a lovely cuff detail and the neckline is bias bound which I chose to decorate with a ‘You Can’t Buy This’ Kylie and the Machine Label – I just love including these in my makes for a bit of sass as well as a professional finishing touch.

The colour of this linen is quite unusual so I decided to go with a slightly contrasting button instead of trying to match it. The natural feel of the linen made me want to go for a natural feel for the buttons too, I think wooden buttons would look lovely but I decided to go for some shell buttons for a bit of sparkle.

This dress was an easy sew and I completely love the finished garment, I am going to wear this with trainers and sandals in the summer but think it will look equally lovely layered with a cardigan and tights in the autumn. I feel like I’ve nailed the year-round timeless look I was going for! Phew!

Until next time, happy sewing!