Hi Everyone, 
I hope you’re all well and keeping safe. This month’s post is, again, all about linen. I’m back on my linen obsession in a big way. I’ve been wanting a super casual, chuck on, linen shirt to wear in this warmer weather. I’ve actually filmed the whole making process on my Youtube Channel as a Sew-along. So you can watch that as well. 
The pattern I chose was the Friday Pattern Co. Ilford Jacket. It’s a casual boxy shaped short or long jacket, but you can use it as a shirt pattern in light weight fabrics. It was exactly the style I wanted. I didn’t do any sizing modifications. I didn’t add any pockets (there are 3 pocket styles), and I went for the boxy sleeves, as opposed to the more classic, fitted, cuffed sleeves. It’s a very straight forward pattern, so if you’re a confident sewist, you’ll have no problems with it. 
The fabric I chose was this Mushroom coloured John Kaldor Plain Linen & Cotton Blend Fabric. It’s soft, light weight, but tightly woven, so not as see-through as some lighter weight linen blends. I love the natural colour of this linen too, I’m so happy I chose it, and it basically goes with most of my trousers and skirts. I wore it for the first time the other day and had loads of compliments on it which was nice. 
Obviously, as it’s a boxy pattern, the fit is always going to be loose, so just go by your bust/chest measurement if you’re unsure. It’s also unisex, so a great staple to have in your stash for all members of your family. I highly recommend the pattern. I think I’d like to make a light weight jacket version in a printed canvas or denim next. 
So my summary; If you like loose fit, boxy styles like me you’ll love this pattern. It’s not a long make, so great for a rainy weekend project. If you want a classic style, go for a linen or linen blend, it’s so perfect for summer and great for transitioning into autumn too. Plus you can layer it up in the winter. 
I hope you like what I made this month. I know I’ll be wearing this a lot. 
Keep well, keep safe and keep sewing. Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk