Hello all! This months Minerva Make is a Linen Fabric jumpsuit. In my last term at uni I made a costume for a show that was put on in central London. Whilst the show was on, I was one of the dressers for the production. This mainly involved helping the actors get ready and helping with any costume changes that needed to be done during the show. The dress code for dressers is full blacks, and the week of the show it was boiling hot in London so I needed something to wear that covered most of my skin whilst still keeping me as cool as possible. My answer to this was a linen jumpsuit which I could easily whack a long sleeve t-shirt over the top of if I needed to.
I used the By Hand London Holly trouser pieces for the trouser portion of the jumpsuit, with added pockets. I've found that clothing without pockets simply does not have a place in my wardrobe any more. Pockets in dresses and trousers are invaluable in the summer when it's too hot for a coat and I need somewhere to put my phone and oyster card! I added an inch or two to the rise of the trousers so they would be easy to sit in but I really shouldn't have because the crotch hangs really quite low as a result.
The bodice portion was my bodice block adapted to have princess seams instead of darts. I've wanted a princess seam bodice for ages but I put it off and I have no idea why because it was super simple to do. It was just a matter of extending the dart into the armhole and separating it into two pieces. The whole thing is fastened with an Invisible Zip down the side seam. The straps are just two narrow tubes of fabric.
The only issue I have after wearing it for a day is that the linen stretches and relaxes throughout which isn't the greatest for a fairly fitted bodice. I think before I wear it again I'll shorten the waist of both the bodice and trousers and possibly take it in slightly under the arms.

Thanks very much for reading, to Minerva for all the supplies for this project and to Beth for taking the photos,

Lauren xx