In the advent of the heat wave we are currently experiencing in England, this project seems to have been serendipitously planned 3 months ago. I couldn't have better predicted how perfect this make would be for July!

Especially since I ordered this Fabric and Sewing Pattern back when I was lamenting the late frosts that destroyed many of my seedlings! I digress, moving on.....

Allow me to present THE cloud shirt - we have dubbed it cloud shirt because the linen fabric is impossibly soft and keeps so cool even in the temperature highs we are having. It has lovely texture that stitches sink into. 

I hand sewed the collar closing and it was an unparalleled joy. This was one of those fabrics I was so tempted to change plans on and make something for myself instead :-). No worries though I just bought more to make a floaty boho maxi dress because this fabric is perfect for it. When it comes to staying cool in the summer heat, linen cant be topped.

The pattern is Burda 7525, a men's' casual shirt with three variations. The fit is pretty good. Based on chest measurements I made a size 40. My hubs chose view B, which has a plastron and a stand up collar. I find the instructions on Burda paper patterns to be very good with supporting illustrations. 

 Being a relaxed fit shirt it sews up quite quickly. The plastron and Wooden Buttons make for an interesting feature. On a tangent the combo of a natural fibre like linen with a natural material like the wooden buttons is very pleasing to my eye. Given linen’s longevity and tendency to get better with age, we can only look forward to this shirt getting better with age.

This won't be the last make of Burda 7525 - hubs loves his new shirt and wouldn't mind another one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!