I’ve been living in comfy jersey dresses these past few weeks. My job as a barista requires a fairly rigid dress code of all black so once I get off shift I am only too ready for something comfy and feminine. Which is why it should come as no surprise that jersey fabrics have been filling my sewing queue of late!

Isn’t this feather print fabric just too adorable? I love how it has an almost watercolor sketchbook effect to it. If you didn’t know, I’ve done a fair amount of watercolor painting over the years so I am always immediately drawn to anything that looks remotely sketchy/watercolor inspired. Add a bit of that woodland/nature/animal theme to it and I’m 100% sold!

I used the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes tee pattern and hacked it into a dress. This is probably one of the simplest hacks you’ll ever see. I cut the bodice pieces at the lengthen/shorten lines on the pattern and added about an inch in length. Actually, I folded the excess paper out of the way and didn’t even bother with tracing off new pattern pieces. The sleeves are slightly shortened because of fabric restrictions. And the skirt I just traced off from one of my favorite RTW jersey dresses.

I sewed this up entirely on my sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch. I used interfacing around the neckline to prevent as much rippling as I could. I left the bottom unhemmed. I actually find that about 90% of my handmade jersey dresses end up being unhemmed because I can never get the hem to look quite right. And I don’t mind the raw edge since jersey fabrics don’t fray.

I cannot wait for Tennessee to get the memo that this is the first day of autumn and it is past time for some cooler, not 90+ degrees F weather! That’s around 32 degrees C for my non-USA readers. Seriously! It’s nearly October. Where are my breezy, chill days?? Once it finally does cool down, I am planning to pair this dress, among others, with my extensive collection of cardigans. Then I just need to buy a few pairs of opaque tights and I’ll be set! Ah, autumn, you have my heart!