This month I’m bringing you a self-drafted garment. This is a long vest that is perfect for wearing over dresses, jeans or skirts.
I have a long vest like this from another clothing company but they never have solids and they are $70 (£54) each, which is a bit insane to me! I guess I’m cheap. To create my pattern I just traced the other garment I had and logically thought out the steps – it was SUPER easy. This pattern is so simple you could have it sewn up in an hour – finishing and all!
It has super high side slits, which really show off what you are wearing underneath and you can easily access your underneath garments pockets. I really like the idea of layering it over tight dresses because it can cover up the mommy tum a bit.
When I received this Jersey Fabric in the mail it was different than what I expected – that’s the only part about online fabric shopping that can be a pain! I wasn’t disappointed though, this fabric is so incredibly soft and warm. It’s perfect for the colder months coming up. I had other plans for this fabric but when I felt it, I knew it would be the perfect long vest. (It would also make the coziest sweater.)
I love this thing! I’ve already worn it to work and its light but keeps me warm in the freezing office. It’s stylish and I even had a couple compliments – which is awesome since it’s just a “basic” wardrobe garment. I have plans to make more and I’m hoping I’ll learn how to transfer the pattern and put it on my website for free. One day I’ll figure out how to manage time and I’ll do it! (And learn how to actually do PDF patterns!)