Hi Everyone! This is Lara from Handmade by Lara Liz back again with another Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post. I almost always am wearing a cardigan and with autumn in full swing, I thought a cardigan would be the perfect fit for this month’s blog post!

I found the MIY Collection Longley Draped Cardigan Sewing Pattern on the Minerva Crafts website and thought it would be a fun new cardigan to try out! The cardigan features a deep neckband and hemband and fold back cuffs. It is a loose fitting cardigan with three sizes offered.

Once I selected the cardigan, I found this Sweatshirt Fabric that looked like a perfect match! One thing that I love about Minerva Crafts is some of the basics that you can get in different colors. This sweatshirt fabric comes in 3 colors all of which would be perfect for autumn.

The cardigan itself came together quickly. Due to it’s un-structured shape, it has a couple different ways to wrap yourself up in it. I sewed the entire cardigan on my overlocker. I need to hand stitch down some of the front facing pieces, but other than that it was all done on the overlocker.

It also was such a quick sew. The pattern pieces were different shapes than I was used to with cardigans due to the pattern shape, but with just a few pieces, I was able to sew it up in about an hour.

I don’t think I have particularly short arms, but I think that the sleeves are really long. I ended up folding them under mid-arm to keep the cuffs from being way past my arms. I think you could also fold up the cuffs if you wanted to.

This cardigan is a great layering piece for the cooler weather days. I think depending on the fabric you used, it would change the shape of the cardigan. The Sweatshirt Material I used gave it a pretty stiff shape, but a more drapey jersey would lead to a more drapey cardigan.

In a future version of the pattern I think I would love to try a more drapey knit (like these ones here and they’re on sale!) along with making a length adjustment on the sleeves as noted above. I’d also love to slim down the arms a little bit to make it a more fitted cardigan.

Do you have any favorite staple pieces for autumn? I’d love to hear from you on Instagram or on my blog! Thanks for stopping by today!