I’m on that #brightsewing train again! Just in time for Me Made May, here’s an everyday-casual top with a bit of oomph in the form of big-time COLOUR.
The fabric is the Cotton and Steel x Rifle Paper Company Rayon, from the Wonderland collection. I love Alice in Wonderland, so that’s an irresistible association for me but this particular print is more like a nod in that direction without veering into novelty territory. 
The colour saturation is out of hand (one of the great things about rayon!), and as it’s really luxurious fabric as well, you don’t need metres and metres of it to make a nice impact. I’m quite comfortable wearing bright colours but even if you weren’t - how good would this be as a lining for a jacket? Or a little Ogden cami? (I’m picturing a bright Ogden in this with a black suit and bright orange heels for my imaginary office life.) Bear in mind that Cotton and Steel fabric is on the narrow side.
People sometimes complain about working with rayon because it’s a bit slippery (not as bad as silk!) but I find this to be on the stable side of the rayon spectrum. As always, it pays to be extra careful when cutting but then I found that I didn’t need to pin much and it came together quickly and easily. 
The pattern is a Seamwork Loretta, which is a simple, unfitted, off-or-on-the-shoulder peasant top. I’ve made one before, in plain old white linen from stash, so I knew what to expect. The drape of the fabric works really well with the soft, fluttery volume of the pattern. The off-the-shoulder action balances the billowy silhouette perfectly and I know I will wear it again and again - probably just casually like this, with jeans. Unlike my white one, this should also stand up better to life stuff: cooking, gardening, general mothering. Without wishing to tempt the universe, I can’t see it getting a noticeable stain without something drastic happening (reckless beetroot juicing perhaps?). A few people have said, and it’s worth mentioning, that the armholes are quite large and so you can get a bit of gaping at the sides. I find this to be true but it doesn’t actually bother me at all. It’s such a casual style, that I just think it feels breezy and natural. Out and about I usually wear it with a strapless bralette (I’ve made a few of these, original idea copied from a couple of old RTW examples), before you ask! I find it very comfortable but I am admittedly not as blessed as some in the bosom department. 
But I mean, how far wrong can you go with this print? I’m often in favour of keeping it simple with a bold fabric and I do feel like this rather proves my point. Simple, but impactful. Simple, but luxurious. Simple, but joyful!
Thank you, as always, for reading!
Jo xx