Hello everyone,

It's not a very common situation for me to sew for others. But when I do, I enjoy it a lot. This pair of lounge wear shorts for my husband also gave me a chance to take a break from complicated projects that require a lot of fittings. 

Sometimes I think it's impossible to have too many clothes to wear at home. It's nice to be able to still look pretty at home. Plus it's a chance to put on something you wouldn't wish to wear outside. Those shorts are all about that: comfort, nice look and fun.

My husband is a huge fan of superheroes. I thought that it'd be nice to sew him something with them, but from high quality fabrics, something different from all of the usual souvenir clothes with popular characters. Even though it's not like he's wearing suits and ties all the time, Superman or Batman themed clothes is still a bit too much for his everyday wardrobe. But it's absolutely acceptable to go beyond the limits at home, right? Minerva crafts has a selection of Superhero Fabrics and obviously I had to let my husband choose the right one.

The pattern I used is Simplicity Pattern 2318. It's an extremely easy one to work with. I must say it's the second time I'm using their patterns for men clothes and they didn't let me down. I skipped the side pocket and I'd say it was the only change I've made. I also used one size bigger than I normally would, for extra "lounge wear" effect.

The fabric is Superman Print Fabric in Cream color. It's absolutely fantastic! I was a bit worried about the quality, since I've seen some poorly made comic quilting materials. But this one is absolutely great. It's thicker that a usual quilting cotton fabric, which makes it a perfect choice for shorts. It survived the pre-wash perfectly and it irons easily. If you want to sew shorts with it, keep in mind that you have to follow the print's direction. For a second I panicked that I don't have enough fabric, but the pattern's instruction helped me to fit the pieces perfectly and the recommended amount is literally just enough (unless you want them to be shorter or longer of course). 

I think this fabric can be perfect for so many projects. I can highly recommend it. It's much better than a regular quilting cotton and the quality is absolutely fantastic. Pattern is great too, it's easy to work with and is perfect for a quick project.

Since I can’t really tell how it feels to wear them, I asked my husband to share his opinion: 

“I'm not really used to have custom fitted clothes. At first, as Anna was making adjustments and having me try them on before the final seams, I felt a little nervous. I would walk around gingerly, trying hard not to make any sudden movements. However, once the garment was finished, I was pleasantly surprised with just how sturdy they feel. Of course, it helps to have an expert seamstress as a wife, but the fit is absolutely perfect and very comfortable. I've never liked the feel of close-fitting shorts, and these have the perfect amount of room to allow me to feel comfy while sitting down and enjoying a book, working at my stand-up desk, or sharing a meal with my wonderful wife. Oh yes... and they are Superman shorts, so of course I like them!”

Thanks Minerva for absolutely amazing supplies!