Hi there! I hope the new year is treating you well so far? I’ve got a lovely, snuggly make to show you today, perfect for January’s depressing weather.

When picking the Fabric for this month’s make, I knew I wanted to make a sweatshirt but wasn’t sure yet which pattern I wanted to use. And I have to admit that I made a mistake. I’m generally a very thrifty cutter, usually saving a substantial amount of fabric when compared to the requirements on the envelope. Consequently, knowing that most sweatshirt patterns ask for around 1.5m of 150cm wide fabric, I asked for just a metre of this loop back French terry.

What I forgot to factor in was the directional nature of the print. My thrifty cutting is often as a result of refolding the fabric between each cut and inverting some pieces; you can’t do the latter when you’ve got a directional print, unless you like the idea of antipodean llamas standing on their heads!

No matter what I tried with a selection of patterns, I just couldn’t get all the pieces onto the fabric.

I briefly considered using it for one of my daughters instead but, given they’ve been the beneficiaries of quite a few of my makes recently, I figured it was my turn! Also, this fabric feels lovely and I wanted to be wearing it.

So on to plan B! I had some fleece backed grey sweatshirting in my stash, left over from making jogging bottoms for my husband (again with the thrifty cutting!); combined with some matching grey ribbing for the neckband, cuffs and waistband, I was able to fit the Grainline Linden Sweatshirt onto my combined fabrics.

The Linden is a tried and tested favourite for me. I grade between two sizes simply by drawing a smooth line between the two on the body and it is such a straightforward and satisfying make if you’re at all used to sewing jersey. The llama fabric behaved beautifully; it doesn’t have the highest stretch in the world, which makes it fairly stable to sew with. I always use a walking foot for sewing jersey and overlock the seams but it’s not a complicated process and definitely one a confident beginner could tackle.

The only comment I have about the Linden, which I need to remember next time I’m cutting out, is that I find the neckband piece quite narrow. By the time you’ve folded it in two and allowed for seam allowance, there isn’t a great deal of neckband showing. I would prefer it if a little more of the solid neckband were visible above the llama fabric, but that’s easily changed next time I’m cutting one of these out.

Finished off with a label at the back neck, this is a perfect antidote to the post Christmas slump. It’s snuggly, it’s a beautiful colour and I love the little llamas marching across it.

Thanks for the supplies, Minerva, I’m really happy with my new sweater!