Hello duckies,

I am so totally quackers for my latest Minerva make I can’t even bring myself to start with an intro about the weather! So here she is is… my lucky ducky shirt:

I started this year with my make nine 2017 which laid out what I wanted to conquer this year and one of them is shirts as a few months ago I hadn’t yet made one! I was actually pretty scared of them and mainly, plackets! Aghhhh… runnnn… plackets!! I can assure you they really aren’t scary but more on that soon! Anyway I decided I would make my first shirt for my Minerva project as it’s the one clear way to actually stick to my ‘to sew’ list! I had chosen this pattern and fabric just before I was sent a package from the lovely Jen from Gingerella as part of Kittenish Behaviour’s Pattern Swap and guess what? It was a shirt! So my first shirt (with lots of head scratching was made!) There’s a video about it here if you want to see!

Anyway this is now my second shirt which meant I approached it with a lot less fear in my heart! The pattern is I AM Hermes - it’s a shirt and shirt dress pattern from a great Indie Pattern Company who I’ve wanted to try out for ages! I have to say I am 100% impressed with them. The instructions are brilliant and this shirt is drafted so well.

I spent a day making this shirt - it’s definitely a make that you have to take your time on as there are so many details to focus on but I love making shirts. There is something really therapeutic about the more intense makes - especially when they are in crisp cotton and lots of pressing in required. I am extremely proud of how crisp my corners are actually (just noticed them in the picture!)
Now this FABRIC… Oh my my I can’t get over it. I fell completely head over heels in love with it Minerva Craft’s site then when it arrived I screamed with delight! It is a dream to work with. I loved sewing and pressing it - wearing it bring new levels of joy into my life. I think it's impossible not to smile at a duck shirt!!
I did think about pattern matching it… for about a minute... before realising that is basically impossible with the amount of fabric I had (which turned out to be spot on which is another satisying thing!) I have noticed a little mistake though - the ducks on the cuffs are upside BUT (and yes I will pretend this was on purpose) it means I can look at the little duckies too! ;)
The only thing I did change was to take in the sides by a couple of cms as I wanted it to be more slim fitting. This is mainly because in it’s original boxy style it looked SO like a pajama top! I’m sure people will still think it is but I’m not going to let that stop me wearing this shirt to death!

Huge thanks to my lovely husband for being a trooper behind the camera again and of course massive thanks to Minerva for my amazing duck shirt!!

Sew much love to you all,