Okay… so talk about a poorly timed project, I mean, a travel pouch, when a trip to the supermarket feels like a monumental journey! But then there’s no harm in being prepared for when we can holiday like the old days. I’ve had my eye on this intriguing faux-fur for a long time and finally realised it would make for a fantastic travel pouch (slash man clutch!)
My current travel pouch is just a tad small… I needed something small enough to fit on an airplane/train table, but big enough for a decent sized book, earphones, hand sanitiser (even before it was a necessity) and all the usual bits of paperwork you need when travelling.
When possible, I always like to include a little design detail for the user. In this case, the pouch is lined with an amazing ex-Armani silk which adds a luxe element to the pouch. It’s a vibrant shock of colour every time I open the pouch!
I’m becoming a big fan of customised zip pulls. On a bag or pouch like this it makes the zip feel like a design decision rather than an afterthought. It’s easy change out the standard zip pull with a bolder option… all you need it a pair of pliers, or in a push a decent pair of kitchen scissors would probably do the job!
I didn’t use a pattern for this project. I just measured the largest typical book I’d travel with, added a couple of inches each side and cut two pieces this size from the fabric, two in the lining and that was it with the exception of the zip tabs. The main fabric also has heavy duty fusible interfacing on the wrong side to give the pouch some structure and to hold its shape.
The leather strapping works really well as a practical clutch handle, as well as being an interesting design feature to break up the cream fur. It was really easy to apply, I simply sewed it into the side seams and added a personalised label over the edge of the strapping.
I think this is a really fun way to dabble with furs… if the idea of cushions and coats is too much, a pouch or wallet like this is a perfect starting point because size and fit aren’t really a concern. Now if anyone can tell me when it’ll be safe to travel, this will be the first thing on the packing list… until then, happy sewing!