Hello there! Welcome to my latest project for Minerva Crafts. I’m just a tiny little bit proud of this one!

I chose to make the Carolyn Pyjamas Sewing Pattern, a classic pair of “proper” pyjamas. Whilst I’ll admit to generally being a jersey pj’s kind of girl, I think there’s something dreadfully appealing about stylish nightwear like this (if only to avoid embarrassment if you need to answer the doorbell before you’ve managed to get dressed in the morning. Just me?)

It’s starting to get slightly warmer now (at long last!) so I chose to make the long legged trousers with the short sleeved top, in the hope of getting the most wear possible out. This is quite fabric hungry at 4m but I would definitely not try and cut the yardage down, I found it to be pretty accurate and you would definitely need more if you had a directional print or stripes to match.

As I was going for luxury nightwear, I went with all the luxury techniques. This included making my own piping to match the yellow birds printed on the Cotton Poplin Fabric Minerva sent me. This is actually pretty straightforward if you use this continuous bias binding tutorial; you basically end up sewing two seams and then cutting around a tube of cloth to get your very (very!) long bias strip. Instead of then turning this into bias binding, I simply folded it in two and stitched the piping cord in place.

It turned out that my maths was atrocious and I had lots more bias than I needed, but that worked out well for finishing the insides off nicely.

Oh, the insides! I chose to use French seams almost entirely throughout, even for the pockets, with the only exceptions being faux fly front and the arm holes. For the faux fly, I followed the instructions, overlocked the crotch bit and finished the rest with my (copious amounts of) yellow bias binding. This shows through very slightly, but I don’t care; it shows I took some time with it and I really love the way the yellow accents pop against the grey.

As you can see, I finished the armholes and the raw edge of the front facings with more yellow bias and I absolutely love how smart it looks inside. The yellow cotton is also really soft so it feels great against the skin.

I did struggle a little with the facing / collar instructions, probably because I hadn’t sewn using these techniques before and couldn’t visualise what it meant. However, after a certain amount of unpicking, I’m OK with the finished result and love how neat everything looks inside.

And how do they feel? Well, very luxurious (I rarely invest this much time in any make) but also, if I’m honest, slightly snug. This would have been solved by measuring myself beforehand and allowing for a little winter chub, but hey, that’s something I can change.

And these are pj’s worth changing for; thanks Minerva!

Becca x