Have you seen Crafternoon Tea’s ‘Easter Vogue Dress’? I thought it was absolutely stunning, and I loved the bold, floral design of the Fabric. Like Samantha says in her post, the fabric is reminiscent of a Joules print. It’s described as a brushed cotton/flannel, but it’s a twill weave cotton and viscose mix, and doesn’t really feel like how you would expect brushed cotton to feel. It’s medium weight but soft and smooth, and I think it would suit a variety of projects. Plus, it’s an absolute steal at £3.99 per metre as it’s 60” wide!

As I am highly suggestible I decided I would use the fabric to make pyjamas – the perfect project for brushed cotton. I wanted to make traditional pyjamas with a matching shirt, so I went for the Closet Case Files Carolyn pyjamas pattern. It has lots of lovely design details, and the rich colours of the fabric seemed appropriate for an autumn/winter sewing project.

Tracing the pattern took me at least a full day as there are so many pattern pieces (and I traced the shorts as well). I didn’t realise how long this bit would take, so it kind of threw me behind schedule a bit and I didn’t manage to get the top sewn up in the same month as I made the trousers!

For the piping, I used ready-made piping for the first time ever. I was impressed with it: it was nice and soft rather than all stiff and scratchy. I have always made my own previously, but I thought this would save me a bit of time. I didn’t quite order enough, though, and I ran out with one sleeve cuff left to do, so I made my own for that cuff but it isn’t exactly the same as the pre-made stuff. I don’t think anyone except me would notice though!

The sleeves are mega long on me. I wonder if I misread the instructions or traced the pattern incorrectly or something. I think they’re nice and cosy being extra long, but they’re not exactly practical! I should alter them, but for the moment they can stay as they are.

I *just* managed to squeeze out a pair of matching shorts out of the leftover fabric, but I haven’t sewn those up yet. It will be handy to have both options though, and maybe if the sleeves drive me insane I could shorten them to go with the shorts!

The finished pyjamas are lovely to wear in bed, and quite smooth so you don’t stick to the sheets and get tangled when you try and turn over! Thank you Minerva for the supplies!