I am not sure there are many things more colourful and joyful than these gorgeous Wool Felt Balls.  They can be used in a wide range of craft projects from jewellery to seasonal decorations and come a wide range of colours and sizes.

Have you seen the wonderful felt ball coasters which have been trending in craft and home decor stores recently?

I wanted to have a go at making some myself and I loved the outcome, so thought I would share the tutorial with you.

What you will need:

Approximately 35 Felt Balls (15mm)

Glue Gun

Cork Discs - 10cm (you don't have to use cork, felt cut into discs would work equally well)


Once you have decided on your colours and pattern, glue 16 balls around the edge of the disc.  The balls should overlap the edge of the disc, so that it wont be visible once complete.

Carry on adding felt balls evenly around the disc.  You want them to be firmly squashed together so there wont be any large gaps in between the felt balls.

Once you had added the final row of felt balls, you will have a small hole right in the middle, in which to add your last ball.  It will be quite a snug fit.

Aren't they gorgeous?  The wonderful thing about making your own is that you can design your colours around your home or if making them as a gift in a friends favourite tones.

I can't wait to make some placemats to match now.  The process is exactly the same just with a bigger starting discs.