Hey Minerva Makers!

It’s no secret that I love a Stevie Top. It’s probably my favourite top pattern – I love how it can be worn over jeans, under dungarees, tucked into high waisted skirts and is always comfortable. I prefer to make them out of drapey fabrics and I wear them all the time. I also love that they can be made out of really small pieces of fabric! I can get a top out of just 1m which is not only quite a sustainable use of fabric but also means they can be cheap to make OR maybe if you are only ordering 1m you can treat yourself to something a bit special!

I decided to order just 1m of this absolutely gorgeous Art Gallery Rayon. It comes in a few different colours and I had been looking at this dark/navy colourway for a long time but when I saw this beautiful green version I finally couldn’t resist any longer! The floral design is possibly the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, I love the vibrant colours and pretty illustration.

Sure - the fabric looks pretty but the real star of the show is how it FEELS. It is really finely woven so it feels super thin but is still opaque and it is so SO drapey. I think if I made a dress or something you would be able to see the drape a bit better but it feels like fluid in your hands.

Fortunately, it is not slippery as the fabric doesn’t have any sheen to it so it wasn’t too difficult to sew, but it was a little bit shifty so I decided to cut it out flat as opposed to cutting anything on the fold. It feels quite fine – thinner than most rayons I’ve used so I decided to go for a microtex needle and I honestly had no problems whilst sewing.

This one is my fourth Stevie – I have one slightly less drapey one made from double gauze and it gets worn far less than the ones I’ve made from drapey fabrics. The shape is very boxy, which is a style I love, but I don’t love that boxy shape when it’s made from stiffer fabrics. I’ve seen a few amazing ones made in quilting cotton but I know I just wouldn’t wear them if they didn’t drape. This drapey version is going to get worn all the time and I think it will transition perfectly from summer to autumn as the jewel tones and dark floral will be lovely through the seasons.

I like all of the little details in the Stevie pattern that add a little something extra – I love the little turn ups at the cuffs and the tie-back, they really add detail to the make but don’t really make them any more difficult to sew! I always recommend this pattern to beginners!

I am so happy with my new top – this fabric really feels like something special and was in danger of being made into something a bit too special-occasion. I think it would make an amazing dress or skirt but I know if I make it into a Stevie I will wear it all the time and this fabric deserves to be seen!

Until next time, happy sewing!