Hello folks!

When I choose my Minerva Crafts Blogger Network makes I do it 3 months at a time and I choose what project suits what month - mainly in terms of weather. When I chose the last three I wanted, originally to make this summery playsuit before I left with my band on tour - so I could wear it in Italy (which was really hot) but due to time constraints I made my yellow stage outfit, for obvious reasons, instead and totally ran out of time to make my Jumpsuit. When I got back from tour it was late October in England and it was much much colder!! So now I have just finished one of my most summery makes - in lightweight Chambray Fabric - the Margo Jumpsuit ready for winter! Lucky it goes so well over sweaters!! Here is my winter layered version of a very summery make!!

I have wanted to make Sew La Di Dah Vintage Margo Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern for ages so I was extremely excited to see their patterns had joined the Minerva family and jumped at a chance to make one up. I love the shape and could see this swanning around hot Italy very happily - now I am happy to report - it does layering very well too!

The pattern is relatively simple actually - there are darts in the trousers, tucks in the bodice straps and a new way, for me, of constructing pockets which I think is genius. The pocket bag is one piece, joined at the front trousers, understitched, then folded over to make a pocket! It only took half day to make and there are no surprises along the way. Sew Li Di Dah Vintage patterns have photos and detailed descriptions which helped a lot but actually, (sssh, don’t tell them) I went my own way for a lot of it and just consulted the directions when I needed them.

Oh, one major tip I have is they are LONG! I am 5ft 7” and added an 8cm hem (4cm doubled over) and I think I still could take off another 4cm - so I’m going to turn it under again. I’m wearing it with high heeled boots in the picture but want to be able to slip on flip flops under in the summer so maybe I’ll take them up when it gets warmer?! Anyway - a word of warning - unless you are very tall you may want to take some length out of the legs!

I do apologise that some of these pictures, taken by my tripod, have come out a bit blurry - I have only just noticed so I think my eyes need checking again! ;)

Let’s talk about the fabrics - this Chambray is definitely lightweight - I was worried it wouldn’t work at all actually but it was wonderful to sew and press and has actually the perfect amount of drape and body for this pattern. I find that with Chambray - it’s got a lot more body than I first think… I love this colour - such a lovely powdery blue. I am so happy I have enough left for a little skirt - which I will line - as it’s the kind of fabric that goes with everything!!

As for the Lining Fabric - it’s a poly but it feels amazing - I love the bows and stripes print and it’s got the perfect structure to work with the chambray and give the bodice more shape. Oh and they go SO WELL together! This also sewed and pressed beautifully. I want lots of this stuff to line everything now - imagine it in a navy jacket?! Yummy!

There’s not much else to say about this make - it was straightforward and I really love it so I’ll give you more pictures of my winter styling - over a shop bought wool polo neck, car boot sale mustard belt and my brand new hot pink beret (I got obsessed with Beret’s I just bought myself 9 different colours on Ebay!)

You can probably tell, I’m in love with this make!

Thankyou so much Minerva!