Hi Everyone, 
I’m really excited to show you this month’s make. Mainly due to the fact something in my head actually turned out ok! And just in time for all the hot weather we’re having at the moment. I needed a nice pair of light, summer trousers. And as I love the Marigold Pattern so much, I knew I’d love the shape and fit. 
I’m sorry if you didn’t want to see me use the Marigold pattern again, but I just really love it. I’ve seen a lot of frilly topped loose fit trousers. Not only on the handmade scene, but ready-made on the high street too. I love the look of wearing them with a plain fitted top, tucked in. This is the look I wanted to recreate for this. 
The fabric I chose was this candy pink Plain Viscose Fabric. Its so light and drapey - perfect for hot weather. The colour is really bright but I hope you agree I can pull it off? I personally love this tone of pink. The fabric is really soft and cool as well, so great against your skin. I did use a sharps needle in my machine for this fabric, so make sure you get some as it really helped. 
So with this hack, I started off making the waistband double the height, so I knew I could have extra for the paper-bag top. I then cut out two long strips for the tie waist. I cut mine approximately 60 x 12cm. I folded the tie piece in half lengthways and stitched them together, tampering it off at the ends to make a small curve. I turned these right sides out and folded the opens ends in half. I slipped the open ends in the side seams of the waistband piece approximately a third of the way up, and carried on with the usual instructions. 
I was really worried about getting the paper bag top right, so before I inserted the elastic, I stitched a line halfway around the waistband piece, roughly to the size it would have been before. I then inserted the elastic as normal, and added the zig zag stitching through the centre of the elastic to make sure all the ruching stayed even. 
I was going to add little belt loops, but I quite like the tie front being a little more casual and loose. I really love the way these have turned out. I know they’re quite bright, but I feel really good in them. The frill top makes these easy to dress up too. I can imagine wearing them to a special occasion with heels and a blouse. 
So my summary; definitely try something out that you haven’t got a pattern for. It’s taught me how to work out a different shape and I used my ‘noggin’ a lot for the putting together order. Again the Marigold pattern is a must for your stash, it’s so versatile and easily adapted. Plus you should make something light with this beautiful drapey viscose. 
I hope you like what I’ve made and I look forward to sharing next month’s project with you all. 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Jessalli_Handmade / jessalli.co.uk