Hi everyone, for my second post for Minerva I went for this medium weight plaid Wool Fabric, what's better than wearing wool on cold winter days. I have to admit that we don’t have very low temperatures here in Athens but I can’t resist in being covered in wool during winter.

One of my sewing plans these last months was recreating a drop waist pleated dress that my mum had in the 70’s. It was a short sleeve pleated summer dress but I could not wait till summer so I had to make it in a winter version.

The pattern I chose was the Marvalosa dress from Pauline Alice, It features gathered drop waist, hidden pockets, dropped shoulders sleeveless or 3/4 sleeves. I wanted to make the 3/4  sleeves but I didn’t have enough fabric for pattern matching so a sleeveless dress it was. Instead of gathers I made the skirt pleated, this was another reason that I could not make the longer sleeves as the skirt required much more fabric for the pleats then if I had done it with gathers.

To change the skirt of the dress in pleated instead of gathered, I just cut 2 pieces of fabric from selvedge to selvedge one for the front and one for the back in the length I wanted the skirt to be and then I started draping the pleats on the top part of the dress matching the plaid lines. I didn’t use the entire width though.

What I love about this dress is that it doesn’t feature any closure, so no zippers or buttons make it a perfect choice and a very quick make. I had this dress done in almost 5 hours!

The fabric I used despite being medium weight worked great for this pattern as this is a loose fitting dress and the fabric takes well the ironing which gave a better look on the seamlines.

I’m happy with how this dress turned out, it’s warm and comfortable and in the same time I feel well dressed while wearing it. It doesn’t look exactly like the dress my mum had because of the shape of the sleeves but it’s pretty close and I’m satisfied with the result. I think I’m done with wool for this season as temperature is getting higher and higher here.

Till next time,