Sometimes the best sewing projects are the simplest. While everyone is planning and stitching up gorgeous Christmas outfits, I decided to go with a more casual option. I made my sister and I semi-matching Frankie T-Shirts. This is one of my favorite patterns from the Tilly and the Buttons Stretch! Book. I showed it to my sister and she fell in with the design immediately. We’ve both been in need of some basic long sleeved shirts that will work well during the colder months, so this project was just perfect!

My sister’s shirt is a size 2 and mine is a size 5. She wanted a more fitted shirt and I didn’t mind mine being a little looser. The sleeves were just a little too short on both shirts so I added some cuffs which completely solved that issue. I cut two rectangles that were slightly smaller than the circumference of the sleeve, sewed them into a loop, folded them in half with right sides together and then sewed them onto the sleeve. I actually really like how the cuffs look! I think they ended up being a cool design feature rather than just fixing a mistake.

For future versions I would add some length both to the sleeves and the body. My sister prefers a longer shirt and I completely forgot to check the length on her before cutting into the fabric. Her shirt still fits her really well and she likes it, but would have liked it a little longer. We’re both rather tall so I should have remembered to check the length first thing!

The fabric requirements for this shirt are quite generous. I have a good deal of both fabrics leftover. Which isn’t a bad thing! I’ll find a good use for it. I used the floral fabric for the main body of my sister’s shirt and the sleeves of my shirt while the solid burgundy made up the body of my shirt and the sleeves of my sister’s shirt. We didn’t want to be identically matching, but having things very similar has been such fun.

I am really happy with how our shirts turned out. This pattern is an insanely quick sew! There are only four pattern pieces to deal which made it a breeze to trace off the pattern and cut out the fabric. I made my sister’s shirt in one evening and mine the next morning before work. I think I could get future versions done in about half an hour! It was such a nice break from sewing more complicated projects.

There really isn’t much more to say. These shirts are such amazing wardrobe basics. And now that I know how well this pattern works I’ve been plotting up several more. My sister has requested a blue and grey variation and I want to make a couple Frankie dress hacks.

Actually, I’ve already made one Frankie dress and it turned out so brilliantly comfortable that I’ve been wearing it constantly! And I really want about six more. But I have to finish my Christmas dress first! I mean, really, who could resist making at least one fantastically festive outfit???