I can’t believe it has been a month since my last blog post as a part of the Blogger Network! Since then, I made a little announcement over on my blog--my husband and I are expecting a baby! Cue all of my projects and plans changing. Now I need to add some comfy (but still cute) pieces to my wardrobe!


Originally when I picked out my kit for November, I wanted to make a black holiday dress out of this black scuba knit fabric from Minerva. Those plans changed when I found that the leggings in my closet didn’t really fit me (I don’t want to stretch my normal sized ones out!), and to be honest--maternity leggings are expensive. So I decided to pull a pattern from my stash and use the scuba knit for some multi-purpose leggings.

The Sloan Leggings pattern by Hey June Patterns was what I set my sights on for the perfect fall-to-winter legging. I ended up making two pairs of leggings with this pattern and the fabric that I had. One pair has a shorter waist (that was still lengthened from the original length) and the other has a much higher waist. The shorter waisted pair will be perfect for when after my baby is here, but the longer waisted pair is what I’m wearing now. I’ve photographed them side by side for comparison.

I sewed a size large for both pairs, and I added about 4 inches to the shorter waisted pair and around 6 inches to the longer. Other than the waist change everything was constructed per the pattern instructions.


The scuba knit is a great heavyweight knit to use for maternity leggings. It’s not too stretchy, but it holds everything in, which is great for me at this stage of pregnancy. I know that I can go from taking my dog on a walk to running some quick errands with ease.


This is a great pattern and fabric combo for leggings that I definitely recommend!