Well hello there you marvellous makers!

I’m so happy to be back in the world of making as I had 3 months off to start growing a human instead and turns out the first trimester of pregnancy was not a creative time for me at all - even knitting made me feel dizzy and sick!! But enough of all that - I’m back and the energy and want to sew is too! Yay! I am also at the stage where all I want is to sew maternity wear so even though I picked this pattern a while before I even knew I was expecting it was so great to take on the ultimate hack challenge - maternity jeans!

The Morgan Jeans by Closet Case Patterns is such a lovely pattern and one I’ve wanted to make for ages. I have made their most famous skinny high waisted Ginger jeans and I LOVE them so I had to try out the more relaxed ‘boyfriend’ cut Morgans - mainly for my super casual days- dog walking, housework etc etc I had this vision of what I really wanted these jeans to be… then enter baby… suddenly these jeans have become a necessity - I really really need everyday jeans that fit my ever growing bump so I thought this would be a perfect hack to try. I don’t know if I was totally right about what I had in mind though… more on this later.

I struggled with styling this photoshoot as I don’t think I have any shoes that suit jeans - maybe I should have rolled these up as they are looking a little long but I thought you can’t go wrong with brown brogues!

Anyway! Back to the pattern… I researched all sorts of ways to make normal jeans into maternity jeans and the ones with a big cosy tummy band looked like the best to me. I read tutorials saying ‘simply cut off the waistband and sew on a tummy band’ so I thought I would make the jeans apart from the waistband and sew up the fly too and add a strip of soft jersey for the band. Easy peasy!

Well, unfortunately not. I mean the sewing up of the main jeans was wonderful - I get really into top stitching and I’m so happy I decided to do the back pockets as I wasn’t convinced I ‘needed’ them! I kind of hoped I could make these jeans in such a way as to convert them back after bump - just take off the jersey band and add a waistband - but sadly this is where it all went wrong. I sewed up the fly and even topstitched a ‘faux fly’ to make them even more like jeans and then the legs together and went to try them on… nope. The bump is either lower than I realised or the rise of the jeans is higher - either way I couldn’t pull them up to where they were meant to sit. It wasn’t a case of just being too small as they aren’t, just that bump was stopping play and it confused me. So back to the net I went and I found a tutorial that said you had to cut off waistband and cut a dip down at the front much lower to allow room for bumpage - ahhhh now that made sense. NB, I blame baby brain for the fact I couldn’t just work that out for myself… I blame baby brain for a lot of things these days! So I had to forget the idea of converting them back to normal jeans and get the scissors out. It was quite sad to cut through all my hard work but it had to be done. After 3 attempts and overlocking the edges to take even more off too I got them on! Hurrah!

Then I just took a piece of grey soft jersey I had in my stash wrapped it around my belly and cut a piece twice the width so I could double it over and have more support. I overlocked together the shorts ends of the jersey, folded it over in half length ways, then I simply pinned and sewed it to the top of the jeans - stretching out the band as I sewed. I thought I would start with a straight stitch then overlock when I was happy with the fit but actually I’ve just kept them as a straight stitch so that if I want to expand the band or anything later on I can easily unpick it.

They totally work like this and are very comfortable but sadly the pockets have bulged out at the top and something’s not quite right so it hasn’t been a total success for that bit. I think if there is a next time making maternity jeans I’ll just leave out the front pockets as I have to cut into the top of them a lot anyway.

This Denim Fabric is lovely to work with and I adore the colour. It has no stretch which is perfect for these jeans as they feel really hard wearing and I think will be worn constantly for the duration of my pregnancy and probably after too. They are exactly what I needed and although not perfect they definitely do the job and fill a gap. So I’m very happy about that!!