When I was selecting my fabrics for my next few Minerva makes, I was definitely in the mood for some speedier projects. Garments that would sew up quickly and fit easily and comfortably into my life.

For me, that quite often means Jersey Fabric. A good quality jersey sews well, doesn’t need much ironing and is so comfortable to wear, critical for life with two young children and a very busy job!

But it can sometimes be over casual, so I was looking for patterns that would move me past that and I think I struck gold!

I have seen a lot of versions of this Named Patterns “Kielo” maxi dress around online for the last year or two and initially really didn’t get the appeal. But a couple of really gorgeous versions lately pushed me over the edge into selecting this pattern for this month’s make.

The Sewing Pattern is beautifully packaged; a cardboard envelope contains the clearly printed and illustrated instructions and the pattern itself is printed on good quality paper, for those who don’t trace. I would say the instructions are a little on the sparse side; I definitely wouldn’t pick this as a first jersey make, but with one or two projects under your belt I’d say it was perfect.

I dithered a little over size as I tend to be smallest on the shoulders and my measurements put me across two different sizes. The pattern pieces are a really odd shape to give that wrap around and I couldn’t decide whether or not I needed to grade up.

Then I realised the hip and bust lines are clearly marked on the pattern, measured up and realised we were talking about 20” of ease at the hip; clearly I was going to be fine with the smaller size!

I chose this rather glorious, kind of Japanese inspired chrysanthemum print Jersey Knit Fabric in shades of blue, and I am so pleased with it. The drape is just beautiful, it pressed well enough for making up but doesn’t crease much if at all when being worn. And I am just in love with the print! I think it pairs beautifully with the unusual lines of the dress to give a really gorgeous finish.

There are a couple of things I would change in another version; as you can see in a couple of photos, the armholes could really do with being a little higher so they don’t show my underwear and I would also save a little fabric and lop a bit off the hem; I’m 5’7” and even planning to wear this with a low wedge heel rather than flats, I hemmed it at 6cm instead of the 2cm indicated. I might be tempted to take a couple of cms at the hip and bust line to just balance it slightly better.

But I’m surprised by how much I genuinely love this dress. It feels so put together and stylish, whilst being ridiculously comfy; could this be the perfect summer frock?

Thanks Minerva!

Becca x