It’s not usual that I pounce on something newly released to make. Most of my makes have been swimming about in my head for months!

This is the new Somerset T Shirt from Maven Patterns

Maven Patterns was set up in 2015. There are just 8 patterns, but I am keen to try out some of the others as her instructions are just brilliant including loads of trouble shooting tips. There are several tutorials for each pattern too. The Somerset tutorials can be found here (

I was so excited to make it that I even printed this one on A4 over Christmas and stuck it together; such was my haste after I first saw it on Instagram.

It was those bishop sleeves coupled with the perfect boat neck that got me.

I made this up on my overlocker and cover stitch machine although the pattern gives you instructions for using your basic machine.

It took an afternoon from start to finish.

The cuffs can be worn low on the wrist or pushed up for a more voluminous sleeve.

The pattern leads you by the hand and is totally beginner friendly, with lots of tips for construction.

To gather the sleeves, it uses shirring elastic but I didn’t have any in my stash. Instead I basted a wide zigzag along the bottom of the sleeve and then threaded (with a wide eye needle) some thicker thread through the zigzag.

Once I had sewn up the sleeve seam I gathered the thicker thread so the sleeve would fit nicely in the cuff (much like a sleeve head in a shirt), tied it off and sewed it onto the cuff with my over locker.

Then you have to remember to cut lose the thicker thread in order to allow the cuff to stretch again!!!

Can you see what is printed on this fabric? To the non-sewist, just a wavy pattern, but to us, zips!!!!! This a superb quality Art Gallery Jersey.

It also comes in grey. It’s a mid-weight jersey, perfect for this time of year.

In accordance with my measurements I cut out a size 10 at the bust but graded to a size 12 at the waist and back down to a size 10 on the hips. I didn’t want it too clingy around my middle.

I’m extremely happy with this top and shall be using it again with its non-voluminous sleeve variation due to the really easy flattering neckline.

If you dislike attaching neck bands to jersey, this is the pattern for you!!!

Love, Lucie