Button front dresses can’t be underestimated in a casual spring wardrobe. They can be made out of many different fabrics, but linen is the most breathable and cooling one. 
Crisp linen is a unique natural material. It doesn’t have the softness of cotton or the drape of viscose. It’s quite stiff, yet really breathable. It’s the effect that simply can’t be achieved with synthetics. The only downside of this fabric that it tends to crease a lot. More than it’s possible to imagine. But choosing between a flawless crease-free dress or the comfort of a nice natural feel on my skin on a boiling hot day, I’ll (for sure) chose the second option.
I already used this Crisp Linen Fabric for my Butterick Key Hole Dress. It was very easy to work with it and I was surprised that it presses so easily. When I got the same fabric in a beige colour I knew I wanted something more casual and less extravagant. I also wanted to skip zippers and lining. The last one was a practical decision because fewer fabrics mean more comfort when it’s really hot. I picked McCall's M6696 because it matched all my criteria. I used this pattern before and I knew what adjustment I needed. It’s a bit wide in the waist but tight in the shoulder area. I had to adjust and extend the bust area and add an extra 1 cm in the underarm and sleeve area, even though I already used +1 size for the upper part of my bodice. In short, I used a smaller size in the waist and a bigger one in the upper part. 
To make the dress a bit more interesting to the eye I added some lace from my stash. It’s regular cotton lace and it can be washed and pressed with no precautions (unlike the nylon one that can melt under high temperatures that are required for linen). 
The only thing that I’d recommend to keep an eye on with button front dresses is the waist part. This button has a lot of tension and this fact can either result in a little accident or just an unflattering stretched out look. And the dress doesn’t have to be too tight for that, just sitting down can already place more tension. This problem can be fixed by sewing in a couple of tiny invisible snaps on the belt and right underneath it.
I already wore my dress on a very hot day and it passed the heat test. I can highly recommend the crispy linen for any summer projects and especially for the button front dresses.