So my most recent Minerva project is a definite departure from my usual style. In fact, it’s rather out of my comfort zone, and from the moment I decided to try it, I knew I’d either love it or hate it! (Spoiler: the jury is still out on this!).

I decided to make a JUMPSUIT. This is crazy enough, without adding in CULOTTES. Like whaaaaat?! I thought I’d tone it all down my making them in plain black - then at least they wouldn’t be all in your face like my usual novelty prints.

The one aspect of this make that is typical of me is that I do love a good surprise back feature - and when looking at jumpsuit patterns, this one really stood out with its cross-over back option.

I used a Plain Viscose Fabric, and it really is lovely. Really soft, good drape, lightweight without being see-through etc. I’d definitely use it again! The only problem with it was that both sides are the same, and I used it for the lining as well as the main fabric, so it really was confusing trying to figure out which bits were which! To help, I had to label the pieces on the wrong side with tailor’s chalk.

The jumpsuit feels quite dressy with my strappy heels, but looks nice with flip flops too for a more relaxed summer vibe. The cross-over back means that you can’t wear a bra with it (or at least not a normal bra), but I was wondering if it might look good layered over a short sleeved stripy t-shirt, too. The pattern comes with options for shorts to make a romper suit, or full length wide leg trousers, and instead of a cross-over back, you can make a full back bodice if you prefer. It is good that the pattern comes with different cup size options, too, as well as short sleeves. Option D even has instructions for an overlay layer on the trousers, although I can’t imagine that being a popular design!

Thank you to Minerva for all of my supplies - next month I’ll be back to dresses! It’s good to have a change though. I’ll have to wear the jumpsuit out in public before I know whether or not I like it!