There are not enough heart emojis in the world to properly express my love for the Megan Nielsen Matilda dress. It is a classic, wearable, shirtdress and I have found my variations comfortable, flattering, and just about the easiest things in the world to chuck on in the morning.
I was a pattern tester for this design before it came out, and I was so pleased with the first dress that I almost immediately made a second. I have worn both countless times and knew it wouldn’t be long before I made another.
Well. . . I’ve made a third. Cut out a fourth. And have a couple fabrics earmarked for numbers five and six!! Seriously. If I am willing to go through the process of cutting out and 18+ piece pattern six times (or more!) then it’s gotta be something pretty darn amazing! I have to cut out all my project while crawling around on the floor in our foyer. My knees pretty much hate me afterwards. . .
Before we get into all the details of the dress, can we take a second to appreciate the sheer amazingness that is this Fabric?? Animals are super cool, and origami animals are borderline epic! (Would it be super nerdy to get more of this print, but in a different colorway??) Not only is the fabric print just the best, but the cotton poplin is also gorgeous to work with. It irons like a dream. Doesn’t shift while cutting. And it is perfection itself when sewn into a Matilda dress. (Plus, my husband likes the print about as much as I do. Impressing a spouse while sewing something that makes you so happy? Win-win!!)
As with both previous iterations of this pattern, I made a size medium with a small “FBA.” I have a tutorial on my blog showing how I did a faux FBA for my first version, and it has worked beautifully on every Matilda since then. I left off the patch pockets on the bodice, and instead of buttons, I used these pale blue Plastic Poppers.
Which, actually, I wanted to take a second to talk about. I feel like there is a stigma surrounding plastic snaps that reserves them for home decor or baby clothes. I love my plastic snaps! They are simple to install without requiring me to fuss around with buttonholes. (Hurray!!!) And I appreciate the ease of putting on or taking off my dress. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve worn both of my Matildas many, many times and never had a problem. I think the snaps look just as beautiful as buttons and if one does come off eventually, I’ll just pop another in its place!
And now I must go. I’ve sung the praises of Matilda quite enough for one day. If you don’t feel inspired to go purchase the pattern immediately, that’s okay. I’m just going to finish sewing a bazillion more versions. See you next month!