The Merchant and Mills Shirt Dress Sewing Pattern is not for me. I think I am just too small. I don't mean it is a garment for larger weight ladies but it is for tall people with stature and presence, like my pal Elie.

This pattern is for a tall person. Elie looks fabulous in it so it has become hers. Here she is larking about on her first blog shoot while we test how much to cut off the hem. In the end we took 4 inches off it to make it more of a tunic style. I also took lots out of the width to give more shape rather than a baggy dress.

Although the pattern isn't for me, I must say that the grey chambray from Minerva is a delight to use. It would make a brilliant shirt dress or shirt of any kind (from any other pattern). This pattern just wasn't for my frame. Unfortunately Minerva have now sold out of this fabric (it was a steal in their Fabric Sale but they have plenty more beautiful Chambray Fabrics to choose from.

I used the last of it to make a scout tee. That was perfect for me and my new favourite skirt. It will be a very useful garment in this solid colour.

Thank you Minerva for letting me try something new. The fabric is fantastic but the pattern was not for me.

Jo xxx