Hello all! 

My latest project has a little of the party and a little of the practical about it. As a student I find myself 'going out' at the weekends to various pubs, bars and clubs with slightly nicer than normal dress codes. There isn't really anything in my wardrobe that I feel quite fits the bill, and I thought that this metallic fabric would fit the bill perfectly. 

I used the Inari tee shirt pattern as a base, this time swapping out the armholes of the Deer and Doe Plantain purely because that's what I had to hand. It went together very quickly, apart from the very last step of the neckband. This metallic Jersey Fabric doesn't have loads of stretch so I tried to accommodate that by cutting the neckband slightly longer. However, I cut it too long and even after top-stitching it was very gapey. After a miniscule strop and a quick scroll through Instagram I unpicked it all, trimmed the neckband down a bit, reinserted it and now I'm happy with it.


I left the hem unhemmed because I was quite happy with the length as is. I also left the sleeve hems raw but I might still add a band to give the top a more finished look. But as it's a knit there's no rush as the fabric doesn't fray.

My first show is coming up and I'll be taking on a dressing role as part of my degree course. That means I need to find some black clothes pronto. I thought that some Scuba Fabric would be an interesting candidate for some trousers so I made some using a self-drafted leggings pattern.


I'm quite pleased with the fit, but they are definitely leggings and not trousers. The waistband has elastic in it to keep it snug around my waist. Both the top and leggings will both get a lot of wear in the foreseeable future, but perhaps not together.


Thanks for reading, to Minerva for the supplies for this outfit and to Edward for taking the photos!

Lauren xx