Good day fellow humans!

It’s 5am and I have no idea why I’m so awake, especially as I went to bed at 1am preparing the next episode of my podcast Stitcher’s Brew to go live… but I am wide awake! I have a sneaky suspicion it’s something to do with the rays of beautiful sun peering through the cracks in my shutters… I think, I hope, Spring might really begin today! It might also be because yesterday myself and Claire from Sew, Incidentally, broke the back of the epic summerhouse clearout and now I can finally see the wood from the fabric! So anyway… I made another Tilly and The Buttons Pattern - the Mila Dungarees.

I’m surprised it took me this long to make Mila as there is no denying I am a big fan of everything Tilly does - I have made 90% of her patterns and, unlike most things that only end up being made once for my wardrobe before jumping to a new pattern like an excited magpie, I have lots of variations of TATB patterns. I made the Cleo dungaree dress the day it came out and then another 4 joined it over last year and when I saw the Mila’s I immediately wanted to make and wear them but life got in the way (pesky life!) and so now, a whole 4 months after it’s launch I make Mila!

What I love about the sewing community and waiting a while to make a popular pattern like Mila is everyone is full of their own advice and things they have learnt about making them… enter Nikki from the Stitch Sisters. We had the lovely Stitch Sisters on the podcast sofa a couple of weeks ago and I was straight away obsessed with the amazing Milas Nikki was sporting so, of course, I told her I was about to make mine and showed her the fabric which doesn’t have a big amount of stretch to it and she recommended going a size up everywhere but the bib. As she is a talented dressmaker and teacher I totally took her advice! So I tried a Size 4 instead of my usual 3 everywhere but the bib and it was the perfect choice - these dungarees fit like a dream!

Mila is an intensive sew and I even chose not to do certain bits and she still took me almost 2 days to sew. I decided not to do the back pockets and omit the center seam on the bib as this print was way to busy for those details to be seen. I did meticulously topstitch with bright yellow on the bib pocket and you can’t even see it so I’m pleased I didn’t do the back pockets as they would just be an esthetic detail for me - I don’t think I have ever used a back pocket in my life! I really took my time on her and made sure I read and re-read every detail - as I have a tendency to not do that and make silly mistakes by whizzing off at full speed. I’m so happy I indulged in this make - it’s all the better for it and I am extremely pleased with my pattern matching which I think slowed me down the most. I was not going to let this houndstooth go off grain!

Now this Houndstooth Fabric is gorgeous! I have always been drawn to houndstooth and have realised I’ve already made a lot of my Minerva Makes in various shades and textures of it! This stretch cotton sewed and pressed beautifully, I really loved sewing with it. Easy to cut through with the rotary cutter it held it’s shape and is very easy to work with. I think it looks amazing as these dungarees and is nice and lightweight so can be worn all year round - am I the only one that just wears cosy tights under everything when it’s colder?!

I am noticing a pattern has not just emerged but settled down and fully embedded itself in my life - my love for yellow! When it came time to decide on the topstitching and buttons colour (because of course they were going to match!) I jumped on yellow quicker than any of us sewists would run towards a sign saying ‘FREE FABRIC’! I am starting to wonder if there is any need for any other colour buttons in my stash as yellow buttons make everything better! Also black and white with yellow is classic. I think they look super chic!

As always, Tilly’s instructions are faultless and I would fully recommend everyone giving them a try as they suit all body types and are so versatile. I definitely want to make a denim pair next to wear with all my handmade printed tops. It do admit it was hard to find things to wear with my Milas - I tried pattern clashing but it hurt my eyes however I do have a yellow jersey that is screaming to be next to sew and become a top to wear with my dungarees!

I’m sure you’ve picked up on this already but I am seriously besotted with my Mila’s - I love it when a plan comes together! As always, thankyou to Minerva - I couldn’t have done it with you! :)

Now it’s 6am I think I will go back to bed!! ;)

Sew much love to you all!