You may have heard here and there about the big bloggers meet up being held by Minerva Crafts on June14th.

It goes without saying that as a member of the Blogger Network I'll be there! As well as attending the days festivities, the lovely people of Minerva will be hosting an evening event that all us bloggers will be making fancy outfits for. All will be revealed on the night, but here's a taster of what I'll be wearing-

The inspiration- West Side Story, mambo, the early 1960's:

The fabric - a black and turquoise splatter print cotton, with a tiny bit of stretch:

The pattern - A combination of these 2:

Plus some weird self-drafted shapes:

Here's a look at the muslin of the skirt:

And that's all you're getting! Look out for other members of the Blogger network giving little sneak previews - so exciting! We'll all be instagram-ing, tweeting, etc, on the big night, so look out for the posts. Even better, get yourself to Minerva and join in on the day!

See you soon!