Oh my giddy aunt, I'm sure you've heard ALL about it already, but the Minerva meet-up earlier this month was really something. The day itself was non-stop, fun-packed and the evening do was just brilliant! I was way too busy chatting to take many photos, but there's a pretty excellent round up by Minerva on their blog.
Although we posted our outfits for the occasion via social media on the night, today's my official reveal date! I took the opportunity to pair some lovely cotton sateen with a stunning 1960s pattern from my stash, so I could make this dress count towards my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge as well. I'm over the moon with the fit of it considering I didn't have time for a muslin and the alterations I had to make along the way...there'll be much more on that on my blog shortly.
The cotton sateen fabric was an absolute dream to work with - pressed well, held it's shape and was forgiving to fit! Because I'm not a wiggle skirt kinda girl, I substituted the pattern's skirt with the pleated one from the Tilly and the Buttons Lilou pattern. As well as the pleats, I'm particularly fond of the front neckline and interesting sleeves, but the piece de resistance is the back! I love the crossover straps, but I omitted the bow for this version as there was already enough action going on with my busy print.
I really enjoyed making this dress and took my time to follow the vintage touches like sleeve facings and hand picking the hem. I'd love to make it in a plain fabric next time so all the special details are easy to spot.
My only slight issue is that it looks a bit too 90s, which I attribute in part to the fabric print...something about the colours and style of the flowers. But I won't let that stop me from enjoying it, as it feels pretty great to wear!