Hi All,

I had fully intended to make another skirt this month in lovely soft Denim Fabric but it's been so so busy (I finished one job, started another and had a brilliant holiday for my first wedding anniversary!). Needless to say sewing time has been few and far between. So instead of taking on a bigger project and not finishing, I decided to work on two smaller projects and create a make-up bag/pencil case and a slightly larger toiletries bag for travel.

I wasn't working with a pattern for either and so I've included instructions for the pencil case below and I'm just sharing my finished larger wash bag for now :). If i manage to perfect it i might share a tutorial at a later date! For these bags I used a mix of my denim from Minerva Crafts and some pretty floral cotton from my stash (which im trying to use up and sort out at the moment!) to line the smaller pouch and feature more prominently in the larger bag. Ive added a similar Floral Print Fabric to my wishlist.

Instructions to make the Mini Pencil Case;

1. Cut two rectangles in each fabric that match the width of your zip. Mine were 21cm x 16cm.

2. Lie your outer fabric face up, with your zip face down along the top, and your lining face down on top. Pin and sew.

3. Repeat for the other side if the zip and your remaining cut pieces.

4. With your zip at the top, and lining fabric on the outside, sew the two halves of your case together at the bottom.

5. Refold your case so that your zip lies central facing up and sew together the pencil case edges.

You can leave it there for quite a flat case or you can add some depth by sewing across each corner seam... like so...


My case was a little short in the end for pencils but the perfect size for on the go craft supplies... It must have been fate!

For my wash bag I started in a really similar way but added side panels (that began life as rectangles and then were folded inwards to create triangles. I also flipped the denim and floral fabric to give a feature panel at the front and a little more interest. 

I hope you like these makes and fingers crossed I can get some more sewing time this coming month!