Hi there, folks! September is here, and for me, this is the first autumn month. We have had quite lovely weather here in Norway for it to be autumn, but I know what is to come, so I’m preparing myself. 

Making a raincoat has been on my agenda for a long time, but I have hesitated the decision as there is so many things that could go wrong. The seams might leak and the material isn’t breathable. I did a little research and came across seam tape. The tape has a special kind of glue on one side that “melts” into the fabric and sealing the seams that you just punctured while sewing. Genius, let's try!

Since I live in Trondheim, a proper Windstopper is key as you might experience all the four seasons multiple times in a day. To make this I went for the water-resistant ripstop fabric that is light, sturdy and tear-resistant. The fabric comes in so many wonderful colours, but I went with the navy blue one. I was thinking about yellow or red, but I have already planned on making coats (with fabric from my stash) in these colours before. 

The fabric was great to work with considering it being a Raincoat Material. I had no problem sewing, but gathering the fabric for the collar and the cuffs were a bit challenging. 

Since I had a “boring” shell fabric, I wanted to spruce things up on the inside. That is where this pink floral silky Satin Fabric comes in to play. I needed a slippery fabric as a lining to make it easier to put my arm in and out of the sleeve when wearing a full-length sleeve garment underneath. I really like that the pink fabric pops out of the jacket and it has pretty daisies on it too.

The pattern I used to make this jacket is the Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic. I made view A of the pattern which has this awesome feature of hiding the hood in the collar when not in use. For some reason, I cut out the opening too big and the zipper I was supposed to use didn’t cover the opening. I did find a long zipper in my stash that I cut to fit the opening, so it worked out, but be careful!

I’m a self-declared pocket addict, and this pattern doesn’t have any other than two inside pockets. That’s great, but I also need some easy access pockets on the outside for small stuff like keycard, keys and phone. To fix this problem, I made this zipper pocket on my left sleeve to fit these things. I’ve used the jacket biking to work and it’s great to have my keycard placed there when I arrive on my bike and need to peep the card to open the door to the building for parking my biking inside. 

The only thing I’m kind of regretting is not making zipper pockets on the front piece as well, or pockets at all. And I wish the fabric was a bit more wind resistant. It was a bit cold moving so fast down the hill, but other than that, love it!

I hope you got a little inspired to make yourself a raincoat as well. It wasn’t that hard to seal the seams and I’ve tested it in the shower, it works!