Are you seeing zigzags yet? This month's project is Kwik Sew Sewing Pattern no 4069, a fitted turtleneck top. In recent months I have been thinking more about basics for my wardrobe and this seemed like a good pattern to try out. I wear turtlenecks a lot in fall and winter as layering pieces.

I liked the picture on the cover which seemed to indicate a snug fitting top. It’s not as snug as I expected, though I cut a size small which corresponded to my bust measurement. Next time I will cut the extra small (XS) and do a broad shoulder adjustment to get a super snug look. Another thing to note is that the neck is more cowl-y than classic turtleneck.

Despite those issues, I love this top mainly because of that fabric. Let’s talk fabric. Ok, I have always wanted a Missoni style garment but never could afford the prices. So imagine my delight when I was scrolling through the Fabric Sale Section of Minerva Crafts and I found this beauty! Zig Zag Rainbow Chevron Knitted Dress Fabric. You had me at zigzag.

Its incredibly vibrant with shades of pinks, and blues – right up my alley! 

Pictures do not do this fabric justice. It has a lovely sheen to it. An interlock jersey, it has more stretch on the cross grain than on the straight grain; and even more stretch on the bias.

I decided to cut the front and back on the bias to add more interest to the top (not that it needed it). The sleeves were on cross grain. I had to cut the pattern pieces singly since it was mainly on bias grain. And I am ever so glad I did! The fabric is soft and so comfortable against my skin. I lined it with the fuschia jersey Mesh Fabric for extra comfort and warmth.

This turtleneck is a simple shape that is energised by this beautiful fabric full of colourful zigzags and a slightly mod feel. That’s the beauty of sewing isn’t it?

Until next time, happy sewing!