I love making blouses. They take a little time as there are a few steps depending on the collar choice, button placket choice, cuff choice, but by taking my time I find them particularly rewarding. I like to concentrate on one ‘step’ at each ‘sitting’. By doing this I’m less likely to run out of patience and mess up!

This is the Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June. It’s my second, so a little quicker second time around.

My first was made from this gorgeous Atelier Brunette fabric, also from Minerva.

But this one has monkeys!!! This viscose twill comes in yellow and blush too. Perfect colours for this season.

There are many variations of this pattern, but I made another pullover version with dropped neckline with no collar and half button placket.

Do you see how my monkeys continue to climb up my collar almost perfectly? Complete fluke!!

This one has full length sleeves with cuffs and my first sleeve placket which was surprisingly straight forward after a little initial head scratching!

This blouse fits like a glove. With no adjustments to the size M this manages to be a slim fitting shirt even without any bust darts. It sits perfectly on my shoulders. There is plenty of room across my back and my arm movement is unrestricted which is amazing considering and there was very little ease that had to be eased into the armscye.

There are French seams throughout, including the sleeve/armscye seam.

Being a ‘pop over’ shirt it was my first half placket. It was a little fiddly but with a little perseverance and a hot steam iron you can get a perfect finish.

Next time I will shorten the sleeves and I found the cuffs a little loose too which I adjusted by moving the button.

Until next month!

Love, Lucie xx

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