This time around I decided to FINALLY make the Emery Dress by Christine Haynes. This dress has been made 1,000 times by basically everyone on the internet. My turn!

At first I was going to make view B, with the collar but then I remembered I have rounded shoulders and peter pan collars are my enemy. So I ended up making view A but sans the bow. I figured this print was busy and the bow would get lost. I made a muslin first and sized down but there would be too many alterations, so I ended up making the exact size the pattern said I should for my measurements (36-31-40): 8 for the bust and graded to 12 at the waist and hips. Grading was simple and I had no issues. I do think it’s a little too large on me – so next time, I’ll size down and go forward with the 101 pattern alterations that will be my nightmare.

As for alterations I did a 1/2" rounded shoulder adjustment and lowered the neckline by 2". I like where the new neckline sits but lowering it like that caused a ton of wrinkles. I asked in a group and they said that I needed to add darts when changing it so drastically? I’m going to look into this further. If you know what I need to do, please let me know! (Enjoy the cat hair)

Best part about this pattern? POCKETS! Always, pockets. So happy about the pockets.

The Dress Fabric is a poplin woven and great to sew with. I pre-washed it and dried it on hot and no fading – YAY! The music notes are all over, so no need to try to match anything up – which makes me happy. The pattern has a full bodice lining and uses the same pattern pieces and fabric as your main bodice front/back. You can obviously change that easily but I liked having it lined with the same fabric, seems more professional for some reason.

Overall – very easy pattern and who doesn’t love music?