I love wearing a blazer. No matter what it's worn with I feel a little bit dressed up. I saw the Closet Core Patterns Jasika pattern and instantly fell in love with it. The fit and shape is exactly my favorite style.

Let’s talk linen. I know it can be a little “love it or hate it” but I'm definitely in the “love it” camp. I adore the crinkles and definitely embrace them rather than trying to press them out. I really wanted a baby pink blazer so this fabric was the perfect choice.

Now I must admit, it's taken me a long time to complete this make (like a year). I started it last summer, then other projects took over and then the pink was “out of season” so I put it to one side until this summer. 

This blazer is definitely not a quick make. It's a time stealer for sure. There is lots of interfacing to do but it's an essential step to making a crisp, long lasting blazer of glory.

Interfacing used to be the job that I hate the most, but I now use my Cricut heat press machine (rather than the iron) and it's so much easier and much more successful with no wrinkles or warping.

Whilst I was making the blazer, I was a little concerned as to whether the linen would be a little see through and you would see some of the interfacing and pocket bags through on the right side, however when it's worn it's not see through at all. You can see on this picture what it's like when held up to a window, but then when it's worn it's perfect.

I made the straight size 6 with no adjustments at all and I'm really happy with the fit. There is just enough room under the arm, the length it just right, and the sleeve length is great too.

I lined the blazer with a satiny type fabric that I've had in my stash for ages, I kept the colour light and pattern simple so that you couldn't see it through on the right side of the jacket.

I also added a handmade label which says “Be-You-tiful” which finishes it off perfectly.

The fabric was lovely to work with and the seams pressed amazingly. The pattern instructions were great and easy to follow, I especially liked how it instructed to sew the vent as this is something that I've struggled to get right in the past.

The only sewing that I struggled with is the welt pockets. I definitely need more practice at these as I can never quite get them right. I ended up adding the pocket flaps to hide the less than perfect looking welts underneath.

So, it may have taken a year, but I absolutely love my blazer and can't wait to make another, I'm thinking a mustard version for autumn.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing