I used to be so afraid of working with silk. “It's too delicate, I'll ruin it, it will be too difficult to handle” sound familiar?

Please, please don't be put off by this little voice in your head. Silk needs a little extra prep, and time, but it's so worth the effort as it's absolutely glorious to wear.

This silk is so pretty. It's so soft and floaty and the colours are absolutely beautiful. Initially I thought about making a blouse, but then I decided on a robe as I will get so much more wear out of it.

I decided on the Named Clothing Lahja robe, but shortened it so that I can wear it as outerwear over jeans, shorts or maybe a bikini at the beach. This is a really simple pattern to sew, it's mainly straight seams. A great pattern to use if you are new to working with silk.

I really like the dropped shoulder sleeve, it's not too loose or baggy but wide enough to feel light and airy when being worn.

Let me now share some tips that I learnt along the way when working with silk.

- if your new to sewing with silk, keep the project simple so that you can focus your efforts on working with the fabric rather than complex pattern steps.

- when cutting out lay the silk as a single layer on top of a large sheet of paper (such as pattern paper). Pin the pattern pieces in place but pin through all layers (the pattern, the silk and the paper). When cutting, cut through all 3 layers. This will ensure that the fabric has stability when you cut it out and it won't slip and slide out of shape. Use a spare set of scissors if your worried about cutting through paper with your best shears.

- sew french seams as this gives more stability and looks so neat and tidy.

- if you find that the fabric gets sucked into your feed dogs when sewing, lay a strip of paper under the seam whilst sewing. I used Swedish tracing paper which worked a treat.

- take your time and view the fabric preparation as a main part of the project.

I love french seams so much, they give such a professional finish and are well worth the extra time that it takes to create them. You can hardly see the seam on the inside.

I did add belt loops to the robe, but didn't have enough fabric left to make a belt. I will look to make one up though in a solid colour so that I have the option to wear it belted.

A robe such as this is so versatile as it can be worn as everyday wear as shown above, but can also be used as a beautiful night gown robe. Especially for a special occasion.

I did apply interfacing to the collar to give it extra stability, but be sure to get the best quality that you can when using such precious fabric.

So that's my September make. I've really enjoyed the extra couple of weeks of September sunshine as it's given me extra days to wear this beautiful robe as outerwear. Thanks for reading and happy sewing.