Hi pinups! I'm back! I took a little break from the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network whilst I moved house and got my life together. Whilst it completely disrupted my sewing mojo, I'm so happy to be slowly getting back into the swing of things and cracking on with my makes. When I was choosing this project a few months back, I wanted to challenge myself and sew something out of my comfort zone What better way to do that then to make a bag, and a Faux Leather one at that!
Here's a peek at the pattern:
I loved the look of the Burda 6961 draw string bag Sewing Pattern and it reminded me of a bag I had and wore to death in my teens. Option C looked like a good size, a practical style and had that classic drawstring bag shape with an added touch of top-stitching detail.
For my bag I chose this dreamy baby pink Faux Leather Fabric, I deliberated over the powder blue colour as well, but thought pink would better suit my wardrobe. The fabric surpassed my expectations when it arrived and is one of the nicest faux leather fabrics I ever touched! Its so soft to touch and I wouldn't be able to tell it apart from real leather. Plus this option comes in a range of tempting colours at a great price! I combined my baby pink faux leather with some left over polka dot lining fabric from my Vogue coat (which I also made for the MCBN here).
I hoped the bag would be simple, and having a flick through the instructions I was pretty hopeful the sewing wasn't going to be too complicated. Though the instructions make you jump back and forth between steps depending on the version of the bag you are making, but once you get your head around that, you'll be well away. With the help of a leather needle in my machine and a boyfriend with a hammer (for the Metal Eyelets) the bag came together really quickly.
I have a little experience sewing with leather, and the right needle makes all the difference and was easy as sewing with cotton. If the eyelets hadn't stumped me for an afternoon, in total this bag only took a couple of hours! I opted to leave out the cording for the stitching detail and I didn't make the leather stopper as I didn't feel it was necessary as I like to tie the drawstring in a bow.
I am SO happy with my finished bag. I never thought I would ever make a bag and had put it in the category of 'life is too short to sew' (where jeans also sit, for me...) but I'm so glad I left my comfort zone for this make. 
Overall, I really recommend this pattern for any first time bag or leather sewists. What I thought was going to be a headache to make ended up being simple, quick with a super cute finish. If you couldn't already tell, I love this bag and feel really proud of it. I'm certainly going to leave my comfort zone more often in the future.
Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo