Can you believe that it's spring already? The year is flying by. Spring is my absolute favorite, the colors, the flowers and of course the extra day light.

For my first spring make I decided that I wanted to go for full on floral. Last year I focused more on solid colours so I was really looking forward to the brightness and happiness that florals bring.

I love to work with Tana Lawn Fabric, it washes well, it cuts easily, it sews like a dream and it presses amazingly. 

I also love to wear it as it's breathable, it doesn't cling and it lasts forever, I've been sewing with Liberty lawn for about 6 years now and the garments that I made then are still going strong today.

You may recall that I made a silk Nina Lee Bloomsbury Blouse a couple of months back, which I love, but I thought that the large ruffles were maybe a little too big for my frame, so I was keen to try this Sewing Pattern again with the small ruffle option.

I chose the most gorgeous Liberty of London Floral Fabric, with bright pinks, reds and blues, I had 1.5m which was just enough to make the small ruffle version in my size, it's also currently at a bargain price too.

The blouse came together much quicker than the silk version, mainly because the fabric is easier to work with, and of course I knew what I was doing this time so didn't have to keep reading instructions.

My favorite part of this pattern is the collar, I just love how feminine it is.

You may recall from my silk version post that I did find an issue with the back, you add buttons all the way up to the yoke, but then there are no buttons on the yoke itself, the silk version gaped open quite a bit but I thought that it is maybe due to the floaty fabric, however I have the same problem with this version so its definitely a flaw in the pattern for me.

I added little sew in press studs to fix the problem so it's not a major issue, but I think that next time I will adjust the pattern so that the buttons continue all the way up.

I gathered the ruffles by hand, in fact I always gather by hand as I feel more in control and never get breaking threads.

I opted to leave the ruffle off the sleeves as I like a clean and slightly cropped sleeve.

I chose to add snaps rather than buttons, I thought that the fabric was fancy enough so I didn't need statement buttons, and snaps are so much easier to install.

I really love the blouse, it feels bright and happy to wear and I've had so many compliments too.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

Mel xx