I don’t know about you, but sweaters are my favorite thing to wear this time of the year. Perfect for layering up, snuggly and cozy, but also stylish. I seem to have a slight addiction to them lately, so I decided to try out the most popular sweater patterns out there and see what they look like on me!

Two of the patterns that I was always seeing popping up on Instagram were the Lion and Zebra Sweaters from I Am Patterns. And I made them both.

The “I am Lion” sweater has puffed sleeves and 3 snap fasteners on the left shoulder. The “I am Zebra” sweater has butterfly sleeves, long cuffs and also 3 snap fasteners on the left shoulder.

My first attempt was the Lion. I used a yellow Jersey Fabric from Minerva Crafts and cut out a size 40. The sewing was extremely easy, although I was a bit afraid of the gathering at the sleeves. It was very smooth and I had no issues at all. I decided not to add the snap fasteners, just for personal preference, because I can easily pull it over my head without them.

When I first tried it on I felt really disappointed. I didn’t like the way it looked on me, maybe because I’ve never worn a sweater with such big sleeves at the shoulders. I left it aside and decided to give it another chance. The following day I wore it with my jeans and maybe it was the fact that I put make up on, but it really grew on me. There are still a few things I don’t like about it, but I think I am going to wear it after all. I especially like it tucked into my high waisted Portobello trousers.

I find that the armhole is way too big, to accommodate this huge sleeve, so it comes really low under my armpits. I feel a bit restricted when I try to lift my arms, because the entire sweater pulls up and exposes my tummy. The cuffs are also a bit big on me. I will have to take them out and make them narrower, so that they hug my wrist better.

Next up I made the Zebra sweater. This time I used a white Jersey Fabric from Minerva Crafts that had a lot more stretch than the yellow one. The minute I cut out my pattern pieces I knew that I would like this sweater! The sewing part was extremely easy in this case, too. The sleeves were easy to insert and the gathering at the cuffs wasn’t particularly tricky. My only alteration was that I omitted the snap fasteners.

When I tried it on, I knew it was a keeper! The sleeves are so dramatic and elegant and the fact that I didn’t use a sweatshirting fabric means that I can style this top for fancier occasions as well. I still have to change a couple of things, though. The cuffs are big in this case, too, and I will have to make them tighter. I think this will make the butterfly sleeves even more impressive! My neckband is also a bit tight and I noticed that it creates gathers to the rest of the sweater, so I will have to unpick it and insert a bigger one, but that doesn’t worry me at all!

Overall, I would say that I am really satisfied with my Zebra sweater and I will wear it a lot! My Lion sweater was not a very successful make and although I will wear this one, I doubt that I will make another one in the future.

I hope you liked my sweaters!

Happy sewing,