Hi Minerva makers, it’s August and here in Athens we’re having a beautiful weather, unlike previous years that we suffered from some serious heat weaves, this August we didn’t have more than 35 degrees which is amazing. I took the opportunity one lovely Sunday afternoon and had a walk in the park with my dad and he took some pictures of me wearing the outfit I made for this month’s post.

I have made the outfit almost two months ago and have been wearing both garments on a weekly basis, together or matched with other me-mades of course!

Both garments are made using free patterns which happen to be by one of my favorite pattern makers, by Sasha of Secondopiano blog. I have used these patterns in the past and this time I wanted to play a bit with them and use as a base to create an outfit I had in mind.

Starting with the T-shirt, it is the Basic Instinct pattern which you get it for free by subscribing to the Secondopiano blog here. As I already mentioned I have made the pattern as is, in the past, I've made 3 t-shirts actually and this time I wanted to make an idea I had with contrasting panels. You can see in the picture the drawing I had made at some point last year and now it was time to give life to it. It really is very simple to make, I just drew a diagonal line starting just below the armhole in one side and ending about 2 cm above the hem on the other side. The final T-shirt does not look exactly as my drawing as I didn’t add the welt pocket and didn’t make contrasting cuffs on the sleeves, instead I made the sleeves in contrasting colours. Now about the fabric that I used, this Cotton and Spandex Jersey is such a great fabric, I don’t really like the very thin t-shirts that I see in stores and this medium weight jersey is perfect for what I had in mind, it’s very easy to cut and sew as it is stable and that is great for me in that I’m not very familiar in sewing with jersey. I have sewn it on my sewing machine so the inside is not so perfect but I’m fine with it. I love how it turned out and I hope at some point I’ll manage to make one as in my drawing with a yellow and pink combination.

The second part of this outfit is the Galleria Culottes, you can find the free pattern in this blogpost. It is a culottes pattern with front pleats, back zipper and shaped waistline. The look I wanted to create this time was  one of my drawings which featured a front slit. I didn’t know exactly how to make the slit, It would have been easy if there was a front seam but without it the only way I could think was to add a facing and cut it open after I had sewn around the mark I made of where I wanted the slit to be. I’m happy that it turned out well and I like this slightly different collate. I made the slit one third up the front piece as I didn’t want it to be just in the middle of the leg.

The fabric I used is gorgeous and of great quality Mill Washed Linen Fabric in the Aqua colorway. As it is mill washed I wondered if I didn’t need to pre-wash it, I asked my maker friends on Instagram what they thought I should do and a couple of them suggested to pre-wash a swatch and that’s what I did. I cut a piece of the fabric, drew a 10cmX10cm square and washed it in the laundry just as I would wash the final garment. After it dried and I pressed it with the iron the square had shrunk 1cm horizontally but not at all vertically and it measured 9cmX10cm, as a result I washed the fabric and then cut the pattern pieces.

I love both garments how they turned out and I’m happy with my small modifications.

Take care,